Friday, 16 September 2011

A few of his favourite things...

It's been a while... I am going to get back into this blog, I promise.  But it's going to be slow.  I just wanted to share this little one with you.

Lion often worries.  He worries about a lot of things.  One of his worries is that Monkey doesn't like him.  Why does Monkey always want to be with Dragon, why does Monkey cuddle Dragon and not Lion, why doesn't Monkey love his as much as he loves Dragon?  I can only try to reassure him... Monkey does love you, he loves you just as much as he loves Dragon.  He just knows how to show it better to Dragon.

Lion is in drawing mood this afternoon.  He's drawing us pictures of our favourite things.  We've all received a love note from him, a picture of our favourite planet, a picture of our favourite form of transport... all very special.  Wolf has his sitting beside him on the seat as he watches TV.  I've placed mine beside me here on the computer.  Dragon has put his on the fridge with a couple of magnets.  Monkey will not let his out of his hands. When he found he didn't have pockets to put them in I suggested he put them on the fridge like Dragon's.  He shook his little head and wandered off with them clasped in his little hands.  He's been outside playing with them still held tightly in this hand or that depending on what else he needed to hold, he's attacked Dragon with a broom while holding them, he held tightly to them as Dragon chased him with the broom in retaliation.  They are so precious.  A note saying "I ♥ you", a picture of Pluto and a picture of his trike... a few of his favourite things, drawn by one of his favourite people.


  1. That is sweet. Lion, you are so very sweet. Monkey, you are so very sweet too. Dragon, I reckon you're super sweet too. Must be all that chocolate your mumma consumed while pregnant... and breastfeeding... and in the months {and years} just prior to your conceptions. Mummy, you better keep up with the chocolate, for your kids sake!

    And yay! You're back! I too have been incredibly slack, both in the posting, and the reading, but every couple of days {if not every day} I jump on blogger to see if you have written anything. Needless to say I was pretty darn excited when I opened it today and lo and behold...!

  2. No wonder I love them so much! Poor Lion. How could anyone (especially little brothers)not love him?

  3. Aww, super sweet guy. Its amazing how kids know how to remind you how wonderful it is to be a parent after days like you had yesterday when you question why it was you wanted children. I too have been missing your blog posts. I see you guys all the time but I still love reading about your boys!


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