Saturday, 24 September 2011

Happy Birthday Monkey

Waaaay back on August 31st Monkey celebrated his 2nd birthday.  It was a rather confusing day for all of us... not your run of the mill birthday.  Daddy had to leave for work at 6am so we decided to leave the normal morning stuff of presents and chaos until later when daddy was able to be there and we were all awake for it.  So our day started off with a school and kindy drop off like any other Wednesday then heading to the city for morning tea at one of our favourite cafes.

 They only had pink cupcakes, he didn't seem to mind

We love this cafe.  It's a lot bit out of our way and is a lot bit more expensive than other places but it has tables that the kids can draw on, a wonderful kids menu and toys and books and really good coffee.  That wasn't why we picked it though, Monkey's great Nanny had come for a visit and she was leaving later that day from the city train station and Aunty Chimera works just down the road so she could get an hour or so off work and join us.  So we had a special birthday morning tea with Great Nanny, Grannysaurus, Aunty Chimera, Aunty Juliette and our favourite Ladybug.

"It's just what I've always wanted"

Later that evening once everyone was home from work, school and kindy we FINALLY got to the presents!  Two small gifts that his brothers picked for him while we were on our camping trip in Winton (post to follow on that trip) and some more gifts and cards from family and friends and the gift to end all gifts... the Lego Duplo fire truck he has longed for and dreamed of for what seems like forever (to a two year old).


That evening we had a special birthday dinner.  His only request was that he had GRABY!  He has come to love gravy, it's amazing what he'll suddenly eat if it it's smothered in gravy.  So, with his only request being "GRABY!" (yes, it's always yelled, he loves it that much) I decided that a lovely lamb roast was in order... and a store bought cake since I was making cakes for his birthday party the following day.  So, decorated with only sprinkles and his little Muttaburrasaurus figurine he bought in Winton he had cake and candles... and he was beyond thrilled!

 "Who are these people and why are they in MY photo?"

We had a small gathering the following afternoon for his birthday.  His request was for "RAAAAA caycakes" which with my mummy interpretation skills I figured out was dinosaur cupcakes.  Still, our small gathering cleared up 45 dinosaur cupcakes!

"Mummy, someone has left footprints in my cupcakes"

It was a wonderful fun filled couple of days for my little two year old... as you can tell, he had fallen in love with dinosaurs after our dinosaur hunting adventure the weekend before his birthday.  Having a birthday 24 hours after returning from camping isn't ideal... but he had a blast and I'd do it again tomorrow for him if I had to.  I love little kid birthdays, they really do seem to be magical for them.


  1. I love the photo of Monkey blowing out his candles. So cute! So nice to read your blog posts again. Keep them coming.

  2. Happy birthday Monkey! How did time fly so fast that he got to two? He looks like he had a wonderful time with his extended birthday.


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