Saturday, 5 November 2011

Monkey talk

See that kid up there... he's a charmer.  I worried for so long that his talking was going to be a bit slow but lately he's been talking in full sentences and blowing my mind with the things he comes out with.

He's just realised that he can turn my to putty in his hand with three small words.  "Lub you mummy".  Awwww.  He also tells me "Kiss you now" and "no, other side" (he is rather picky about being offered the right cheek to kiss).  "Go Drammar, EAT!" I tried to tell Grannysaurus that the kids see her house as a never-ending buffet of good stuff to eat.

We went and fed some ducks with friends on Monday and he chatted and chatted about the "peedin' da ducks".  He also asks for his own "cheeenow" (babycino) if we go out for coffee.

But that tongue... see that tongue hanging out in the photo... that one.  He's got another sentence... "Lickin' it".  He's started licking things!  Not normal things to lick like lollipops and stuff.  I'm talking shop floors, carparks, his carseat, handrailings, the fridge door, his brothers leg, the lounge room carpet... hideously gross stuff.  He's TWO!  He's not supposed to be doing that stuff anymore.

Thankfully because he knows I don't like him doing it he moves away from me so I can pretend it isn't my child licking the floor in the middle of the shops.  We went into the garden section of one shop the other day, I watched that kid like a hawk.  I was ready to pounce should he so much as look at a bag of poop.  Thankfully we made out to the checkout before he wandered off to the middle of the walkway while I sorted out the bags and he lay down to do a biiiiiiiiiig lick... he lay on the floor, arms outstretched and started at one hand and licked right across to the other hand.  I did my best to pretend he wasn't mine... I mean, other than the fact that I dropped everything in my hands and screamed


I totally got away with it, I'm sure no one knew he was mine.  Anyone want one of those kisses of he's handing out?


  1. Does this mean that he will taste anything? Even what you put on his dinner plate?

  2. Unfortunately no. Though he has been eating a little more from his plate... I think maybe he's had some taste buds die from licking disgusting things so he's not as bothered by things that he thinks taste "yuck".

  3. I think you are totally safe and that no one would have made the connection that you had anything to do with him. :)
    He's growing up too fast!

  4. I'm sorry to say my 4 and a half year old just licked my arm about half an hour ago! But that's becomming less and less common now thankfully :)

    BTW, I've been meaning to tell you I just ADORED that shirt of his he wore two weeks ago at playgroup. A monkey on a skateboard :D I'll bet you did a little happy dance when you found that one!

    Since Elijah isn't talking yet {no words at all, but plenty of babble} I've had a couple of very brief "oh no" moments, but then I remember to just enjoy it before he starts talking my ear off.


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