Tuesday, 8 November 2011

You can't put this on facebook

Okay, I'm pretty careful about remembering that not all my facebook friends have little kids and even fewer have such a male dominated family.  They may not want to know all the gross stuff that goes on in our house that although funny, is still poop related.  As such, some things just don't go on facebook... this one had to be shared.

Monkey is getting better at manipulating his big brothers to get his way.  He's learning from their cues what his appropriate response should be.  This afternoon he walked into the middle of their room and filled his nappy.  From the gagging/choking/gasping for air sounds his brothers were making I'd say it had a good odour to it.  Their crazy reaction made Monkey's day!  He'd walk towards them and their increased wailing and backing off would just encourage him to go and try it on the other one.  Their passionate plea of "go out to mama, pleeeeeeease" was just more than one little Monkey could handle.  All of a sudden I heard the door close and his little giggle as he trapped his brothers in their room while it steadily filled with the stench of a thousand rotting eggs.

I'm not sure if I should be proud of his masterminding or horrified that my two year old has figured out for himself the basic concept of playing Dutch Oven.


  1. LOL ~ oh dear that is funny ~ the power he now possesses!

    I understand about the male dominated house ( although thankfully I have Ellie as well on my side). We have the 3 boys in the same room ( their choice) & I tell you it seems to get messy in about 3 seconds.

    Enjoy your boys ~ smell & all ( & from reading Mum-me's blog it sounds like the smell isn't going to improve).
    Have fun

  2. That my friend is absolutely hysterical! LOVE IT AND HIS SMARTS! Now if only he's lucky enough for them to forget about this when he's a teenager and wants to impress a girl.

  3. Hahahahaha, priceless!

    Monkey, I think you won that round :D

  4. I've been away a while, but visiting today made my day much brighter. Kids learn early, don't they?! Sounds like Monkey is growing up since my last visit and having fun with the brothers!

  5. Wahahaha! What a "stinker!" LOL!

  6. It's great when the little one gets his big brothers! Sadly, it will come back on him one day - but at least he had his day where he controlled the air they breathed! LOL


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