Friday, 16 December 2011

Lion King Giveaway

A loooong time ago in a lounge room far away, a package arrived.  That package was long anticipated... Mummy got VERY excited, very very excited.  Her boys could completely understand why... TNT!  Mummy had a box full of dynamite!... hang on, what?  No I didn't.


Way way back my Lion King obsessed Lion started asking questions... "Mum, when will I get my own Lion King DVD?"... "Mum, you said that I could have a Lion King DVD sometime when it got near my birthday, is that soon?"  So... since I have contacts, I emailed my insider at Porter Novelli who do the PR for Disney DVD.  "Soon," she said, "very soon."

I emailed her back to let her know that my kids back-flipped and somersaulted and did hand stands and danced a jig ON MY COUCH... FOR 10 MINUTES!!!  She thought that perhaps they might be interested in checking it out and having a little party to go with it.  Well, in the interest of making my furniture last a little longer I said they'd love that and decided not to tell the kids about it.  So, sitting and waiting and waiting and waiting and then the package arrived!  Y'know the one that I was writing about at the start?  Yeah, that one.    After I calmed them down and told them that TNT was the courier company and there is no way on earth that I would get a delivery of TNT and even if I did, they cannot use it to blow up the gully, try to start a landslide... or anything else for that matter.  I know, I might just be the meanest mum on earth!  Anyway, then I told them that it was FULL of Lion King stuff... including the DVD!

Well... we needed to organise a little party!  We had the Disney Singstar PS2 game to rock out to and no one to rock with.  After a few failed attempts, vomiting bugs, party guests leaving town, we FINALLY managed to pull together a little group of buddies to play the game and watch the movie... and have a heap of fun.

Dragon sings his little heart out!

The movie is just as you remember it... only better!  Really, I get sceptical about these movies being re-released that are supposed to be clearer and smoother and whatever... but it really is.  Having watched The Lion King over and over and over wherever we could track down a copy I had it well stored in my mind to be able to do a comparison.  The voices are sharper, the field of grass flicking in the breeze is clean and crisp, it's fantastic!

Cousin Wilbie is serious when it comes to Karaoke.

We had little competitions to win cute little baby Simba plush toys, we ate worms in dirt (lamingtons with gummy worms shoved in them), ostrich nuggets (that looked suspiciously like chicken nuggets), cheese, crackers, all sorts of yummy stuff.

It did occasionally get a little tricky to see what you were supposed to be singing while you were wearing a Simba mask!

Again, this Karaoke is serious business!

Musical statues and a dance-off... sounds like a good party to me!

We were very happy to have some special visitors with us, you haven't met them on this blog before.  They are this crew.  Dene, Rachel, used to be my youth group leaders a looong time ago and Dene was in our wedding party (and Rachel was indispensable to us that day as well, she took care of so many things we had forgotten to organise).  Together with their kids Eliott and Simeon, they are preparing to head off to Japan as missionaries.  They had a short stay in Townsville where we managed to fit in plenty of time to catch up and hang out and have Lion King themed parties.

Sooooo, here's the really exciting part...

The crew at Porter Novelli have let me have a fantastic Lion King prize pack to give away!  Soooo, if you would like to win this fantastic prize pack below then please leave a comment on this post telling me in 25 words or less, what your favourite kids move of all time is and why.  Mine is Mary Poppins... no, actually it's Anastasia... or um... well... I hope you can be more decisive than me!  So, go on, let me know!

I was not paid for this but I did receive a Disney DVD, The Lion King pack from Porter Novelli and Disney DVD along with a gift card to supply our party.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own... and my kids.

Competition runs until 7pm AEST, Friday Dec 23rd 2011 and is open to Australian residents only.  Please make sure you comment with a valid email address (if you are a address please include an email in your comment), if I cannot get hold of you I will have to pick someone else.

My blogger account has not been notifying me by email of comments to my posts but I promise I will check regularly to make sure all comments are included!


  1. Oh I remember when the lion king came out! Your party sounds like so much fun!! My favourite kids movie of all times....hmmmm.... I've just gone & asked the kids & they think Babe ( my choice too) or Cars ( boys, you know :)
    Have a great day

  2. Anastasia! No wait, Madagascar 1! No hold on, Monsters Inc! Wait... Surf's Up! No, Toy Story 1! Actually, The Incredibles! No, go back to Surf's Up :D

  3. Emma Kay did what I was going to do becasue I can't make up my mind either- Bambi, but it's so sad. Peter Pan because I didn't want to grow up, but I wanted to live somewhere with no grown-ups. Shrek because even lady ogres can have happy endings. Oh, I think that is too many words and I'm disqualified anyway. Nanny McFee then.

  4. Bambi is my favourite children's movie.

    It's so sad and moving but has great messages behind it xx

  5. Beauty and the Beast springs to mind but I watched Mary Poppins over and over and over as a child as well. We have bought Beauty and the Beast to put away for when Miss E is older. Love the photos by the way (also not entering just wanted to comment). Kate

  6. Australian residents only?? What a rip! :-) Just kidding. Seriously, the party looks awesome! What a blast.

    I'm not in in on the give away, but I think I'm old school...I like the old Disney films better..before they tried to make it all modern and entertaining for parents too -- things like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and such.

  7. The Jungle Book. My Almost-4-YO son loves jungle animals. He loves to pretend that he is a lion! RAWWWWWWWWWWR

  8. Finding Nemo, I have lost count of how many times she has watched it, she is obsessed with animals and loves watching fish swim.

  9. Actually, it is the Lion King - or should I say El Rey León - I watched it a gazzilion times when I was an au pair in Madrid in the mid-90s (showing my age lol). I can still sing Hakuna Matata in Spanish...happy days :)

  10. Thank you so much! My daughter will be so happy and so excited, you will have made her day!


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