Tuesday, 28 February 2012


... when I get through my entire shower without being interrupted in any way by anyone I think that maybe I should just wrap myself in my towel and curl up for a nap in the bathtub.

Sometimes when the Monkey doesn't want to go to sleep at night (or at nap time) I catch myself distracted by his cuteness and have fantastic little conversations with him.

Sometimes when the Monkey doesn't want to go to sleep at night (or at nap time) I want to tear my hair out and go check into a motel... by myself.

Sometimes when the kids go to bed and Wolf is doing a late shift I eat an entire packet of biscuits by myself.

Sometimes when I get to go grocery shopping by myself I contemplate putting it in parcel pick up and then going and parking the car under a tree somewhere so I can have a snooze.

Sometimes when I get to go to the toilet without an audience I have conversations with myself because I am not used to the silence.

Sometimes I hear heavy breathing and start to freak out... then I realise it's me.  Hopefully I will eventually get my sinus issues sorted out but until then I just need to chill out a little!

Sometimes when the kids show me a picture they have drawn I quickly pray for a divine revelation of what it is a drawing of because I can tell that they think it is really obvious but I haven't got a clue!


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