Monday, 27 February 2012

Wanna know a BIG secret?

Okay okay... it's been a little while, hasn't it?


I've been kinda busy.

Running here...

Heading over there...

Meeting this person...

Heading out with that person...

Feeding kids...

Getting them off to school...


Growing another human inside me...


Uh, yeah.  We've kinda been keeping a secret.  Well, not really, we just keep forgetting to share it with you guys.  We love you but, uh, we uh, well... we forgot to tell you.  Sorry.

Soooooo.  Here is your official announcement:

McTavish Baby #4 is going to make a grand appearance on July 4th 2012!

Yeah, we've waited that long to tell you... we are HALF WAY THROUGH!

Honestly, at this point I felt like maybe keeping it a secret and re-starting to post as usual and then one day in July going "Hey, look at what we found in my womb this week!"

But I thought that might be a little bit too much (but you have no idea how much that idea appealed to me).

Wanna know another secret... we're telling people what flavour baby it is this time.

Except that we don't know!  Three scans and we still don't know for sure!

Though, each time they have seen little clues that hint at a gender... different clues each time...

Also a distinct lack of some other parts that have become rather familiar on the old ultrasound.

Yep, looks like we messed up the recipe this time... it's a girl!  Sorry, that word still kind of scares me.  Eeep.

Pink and fairies and rainbows OH MY!

So that's our big news... I hope there might still be one or two people out there who will come and read this... I truly am sorry that it's been so far between posts.  I have a few half written ones that I must finish, I just need to find an extra couple of hours in my days.  Hey, I get an extra whole day this year... maybe I can put that to good use!

Oh, and if you want to see how we broke the news on the good ol' facebook then this is what we did...

We had a head-lice outbreak 4 days before Christmas... can you tell?


  1. congrats guys...hope all is going well....

  2. Hey, I'm still here and congratulations! And won't it be fab if it was a little Princess! ( dont worry - the ponk comes automatically with them - inborn )

  3. Yeah, I am excited for you. I totally understand your fears about raising a girl. I was a tomboy. I played with cars in dirt, boys sports leagues...etc. Our girl is a princess to the extreme. Somehow she is surviving and so am I. She does wish for a big sister, that isn't going to happen.
    I have missed you, I pray that everything goes well.

  4. So excited for you :) congratulations xx

  5. Congratulations guys!!! How exciting! As a Mum of 3 boys & a girl ( although different order) I can say it is wonderful!
    Keep well & enjoy this time!
    PS I had to laugh at your comment of 'imaginary friends' :)

  6. Yeah! Congratulations! The boys looked as pleased as punch in their picture. I hear from Mum-me that your kidlets are extra cute in real life. And now even more cuteness.
    (and my lack of posting has nothing to do with my womb. Just for the record.)

  7. OH MY GOD!!! I've been very lax in the blogging world, and just saw your blog show up in my list to read and read a few posts down to this one...and OH MY GOD...congratulations!!!! My husband and I have been going back and forth over having a third, and looks like he has decided it will be too expensive, sadly, so we will be sticking with our two. I just have to ask, is it that much more of an expense to add a third? And, how do you make it work? I'm just so happy for you...and a GIRL!!! Congratulations again!!! :)

  8. Thanks everyone :-) We are quite excited!

    Heather - I only posted this two days ago... the Christmas photo was kind of misleading. For us, #3 was practically free... well, kind of. We had all the big furniture, as long as we had a boy we were set for clothes (you've got that covered either way), pretty much everything can be handed down other than their food... and that isn't all that expensive at the start anyway, it's the teenage years I worry about for feeding them! But, I think #3 is a big step, there seems to be an agreement amongst mothers that #3 is the one that sends you over the edge and I'd agree with that. #3 also trashed my body so that this time with #4 I look a good 4-6 weeks more pregnant than I really am! It's a hard decision to make, we both wanted at least 3 kids so in a way that made it easier for us to agree. Mostly though, we just don't get fancy stuff. We have the extra kid rather than the holiday or restaurant meals or whatever we might have spent any extra money on. As for #4... goodness knows where it's going to go in our little house but I figure it wont take up much room at the start ;-)
    I hope whatever you guys decide that you can both feel happy with the decision.

  9. Wow, wow, wow! A baby girl. I bet those boys will spoil her rotten.... And heaven help the first boy who asks her out on a date. Can you just imagine these three all grown up following them the whole way!

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I'm so happy for you all! Congratulations!!


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