Sunday, 18 March 2012

Your Aiming Is Off

We aim to please Sign
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Last night I was a little upset after finding a puddle of 'wee' on the toilet floor, because the boys are unable to aim properly.  So this morning when I heard Lion heading for the toilet I went in to educate him.

'Lion, when you are doing a wee can you please aim below the flush line.  When you hit above that it splashes onto the floor.'
'Just there' I say bending forward slightly to point at the area I am talking about.  Suddenly I feel a warm wet sensation on my hand.
'Lion! you just wee'd on me!'
'I was aiming like you said' 

The Boys would really like a bathroom like this, maybe it's incentive to get them to aim properly.
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  1. Oh Lion :/ Not cool man. Not cool.

  2. Ew, that is DISGUSTING. I hope I never have a parenting moment like this. I have enough trouble when one of my charming boys does a pop right next to me. I think I am safe to say Cousin Wilbie won't do that but not sure about his little brother.

  3. Ah no! But I bet my L would do exactl the same

  4. LOL ~ Zai is here & he thinks it's a wonderful idea. I can imagine I'd never get them off the toilet. Yes ~ the aiming.... I hear you. Your little girl won't have this problem :) Wish I could help, but I'm still trying to get them to aim properly. It's either that or wear gumboots :)
    Have a great day


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