Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Since when does the tooth fairy need a warrior army?

In Greek mythology sowing Dragon's teeth would yield a harvest of ferocious armed warriors. I hope our Tooth Fairy is careful what she does with this tooth then, I'm not sure she needs or wants a ferocious army... or even just a single warrior.

Dragon lost his first tooth on Monday morning, he was doing what he does for most of the morning on school days, talking while carrying his shoes around in his hands. Half way through his sentence he stops, stunned, spits something out and exclaims "Hey, my tooth just came out while I was talking!"

So we got excited, took photos, put the tooth in a safe place for the Tooth Fairy and got his shoes on him in time to get him to school on time! Now lets just hope he doesn't think talking non-stop is the best way to get a wiggly tooth out because he came home that afternoon to inform us the next one is wiggly.  That night the Tooth Fairy hauled a nice shiny $2 coin in to replace the little tooth, a lovely swap for a first lost tooth. His "older and wiser" brother was swift in reminding him that there is a sharp decline in the exchange rate after the first tooth is handed over. Dragon was cool with that, he was just happy to now be part of the tooth losing crowd.


  1. Another milestone down the line. Congratulations

  2. Tooth losing crowd. That term is adorable. :-)


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