Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Butterfly at 8 Months Old

I am now 8 months old (back on the 4th March). I love to do my own thing exploring all the stuff I am not supposed to get into. My teeth are so very close but STILL not getting through. I can crawl pretty fast now, and I pull myself up on EVERYTHING. I like to be the centre of attention and if I think you should be looking at me and you aren't then I will let you know!

"Am I doing this right?"
She was tired and didn't feel like sitting up by herself and kept trying to lean back and get comfy. I didn't have my usual assistant (Dragon) and had to use Monkey... which didn't work out very well.

I was trying to get a photo of the rose hair clip I had made her but she couldn't take those sweet eyes off me.


When she wasn't going to cooperate I gave her my necklace to try to distract her from climbing/falling off the seat. It worked, but I couldn't get her to keep it out of her mouth for more than a few seconds!

I love her chubby little hands.


  1. Awwww so beautiful!!!!

  2. I love your baby butterfly and she really does look even more gorgeous than usual when she wears this red dress. In fact, I think I like it more on your butterfly than I liked it on my little princess.


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