Saturday, 1 February 2014

I'm totally not making excuses here, but....

Do you ever have those days where you wake up and immediately think "I've got this"?

"Today I will get the kitchen sparkling, I'll vacuum so the carpets won't be coated in tissues that the little one tore up a few days ago, I'll scrub the floor so it won't feel kind of... I don't know, kind of sticky but kind of gritty as well and theres another feel to them that defies explanation, also I might whip up a batch of healthy treats made with beetroot and flax seeds and my kids will totally think they are delicious and chocolate and be completely fooled and while that's baking I'll blog a bit of what we've been up to."

Then the little one starts hollering over the baby monitor "Muuuuuuuumy".

Next the 4 year old comes racing into the room dobbing at world record speeds with the brother he was dobbing on hurtling in at break neck speeds behind him explaining why it totally wasn't his fault that he smashed the 4 year old in the face with his foot and it was really all because...

Then someone starts asking for breakfast and then for me to find them paddle-pop sticks and masking tape.

They all follow right at my heels as I go get the littlest from her overnight prison and check for poop before I hug her (that girl has Houdini poop, it escapes that nappy like nobody's business).

At this point, I'm still thinking "I've got this"... but my list is more along the lines of "I will feed them a decent meal for dinner... in 12 hours... if I survive that long... if THEY survive that long... it'll be bedtime just after that, I can make it... it's only 12 hours..."

So, uh, not making excuses or anything... but we are all still alive here, and that's about where things are up to at the moment.

Here's a cute photo of the kids from the start of January.

Butterfly 18mos, Monkey 4, Dragon 7, Lion 9
We tried and tried to get them all to look in the same direction at the same time.
Butterfly did NOT want to conform... which is totally her little personality.


  1. Hooray! You blogged again!
    And so long as they're all alive and happy, who cares? I highly doubt those kids would be fooled by beetroot and flaxseed anyway. :)
    (I don't really have anything else to contribute, was just excited to see Samster come up in my blog feed)

  2. Time certainly does fly, doesn't it? Minutes, hours, weeks, months... just like that. While it was fun to see that you had posted, and I had to click in for a quick visit, spending time with your babies is much more important than a blog. Even if you don't get the healthy treats made!

    Butterfly looks precious, and that Monkey is a big boy now like his brothers.


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