Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Reluctant Reader

My Lion is not that keen on reading lately. He's a great reader and is reading at a level where his books actually contain drama and excitement (the ones we buy, not the school readers. Those are still dull as dirt) but he just doesn't want to read. As a keen reader who struggles to find time to read, I find that very hard to wrap my head around. So this afternoon I told him he needed to knock over another chapter before he got any tech time. Oh the moaning, the complaining, the drama, how could I be so mean?!?! According to him yes, his book was exciting but not this particular bit so he had lost interest. SURELY you still want to get through the boring bit because you still want to see the book wrapped up and resolved?... Nope, it's just boring right now. But leaving it sit aside won't get you through the boring part... Nope, he thought the magic pixies were going to come and take care of that.
Okay, time for an MRI, Mummy Reading Intervention.

Hot chocolate for him, coffee for me, deck chairs on the patio, page for page taking turns to get through this chapter.

It was lovely, but he was right, that bit was boring. Half way through the chapter things took a turn for the better. Our hero was no longer searching aimlessly, he was running out of time and was hot on the trail of the Spinosaurus.... He gets closer and closer, anticipation is building, he pushes through a crowd, looks over the fence and THERE IT IS!!!

"End of chapter 4, can I use the computer now mum?"

"What? Don't you want to see what happens? You can't leave it like this can you? It was just getting interesting!"

"So can I have a go on the computer now?"

*sigh* "Go ahead, that was the deal"

I wonder if I'll ever find out how it ends... Anyone have any help for this reluctant reader's Mummy?


  1. Hi McTavishes. We are passing through Townsville and throwing good thoughts your way. We had an ice cream at Frosty Mango as per your recommendation. Take care. Sandra

    1. So glad you are enjoying our little part of the world! The kids want to know if everyone had mango icecream or if anyone had dragonfruit? If you are coming back through we would love to meet you for real one day! Travel safe xo

  2. We all had mango and it was yummy. I take it Dragonfruit is also a favourite? We are off to the aquarium today and the strand this arvo. If you did want to meet up you can email me. It's on the long neglected blog. If not take care.

  3. I might be biased (ok I am biased), but a lot of people have said they got into reading because of Harry Potter. I'm ashamed to admit I don't remember exactly how old Lion is, but the first two or three would be age-appropriate for him, maybe even the 4th. Mum read us the first one when Christine was 6. I know children under 10 who have read all of them but I'm not sure I'd be letting someone under 12 read from #5 onwards.


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