Wednesday, 7 February 2007

"Mummy, mummy, take a potoe"

Lion McT - Mummy, mummy, teddy sittin' up!
Mummy McT- Yes teddy is sitting up.
LMcT - Mummy, mummy, Lion sittin' with teddy!
MMcT- You look very cute together, you are sitting very nicely.
LMcT - Mummy, take a "potoe" (photo)
MMcT- Okay, sit nice and still...

LMcT - Take potoe of teddy
MMcT- Okay you make sure teddy is sitting nice and straight...

LMcT - Mummy, take potoe of Lion
MMcT- Okay, sit up straight... hold still...

LMcT - Take potoe of lion playin' game
MMcT- Okay, what game are you going to play?
LMcT - I look vuunny (funny)

LMcT - Lion take potoe of mummy and teddy?
MMcT- Okay but you have to be careful...

MMcT- Did you get us all in?
LMcT - I tink toe ("I think so" standard answer for "yes")
MMcT- Not quite, lets try again...

Mummy McT loves her boys and they do sit nice and still SOMETIMES. Sometimes they even sit still long enough for me to go and get the camera and take a "potoe" this would have to be one of my favourite photos of my boys together so far!

-Mummy McT

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  1. This link makes me feel a bit teary. Lion and Dragon have grown (and are continuing to grow) up so fast.

    Oh, Lion was such a cutie. Still is for that matter.


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