Saturday, 17 March 2007

Tircles, Tircles Everywhere!

Well, looking back I dont know how I didnt have a nervous breakdown, I must have been having a good day until this point...

Both boys had gone down happily at 2pm for a nap, at 2:30 Dragon woke up so I put him on for a feed since I wanted him to go back to sleep I lay down with him and then shortly after heard Lion making “I’m awake” noises. I figured I couldn’t do much about it while I was feeding Dragon so I let him go. He must have been quiet as a mouse because the next thing I know I am waking up and looking at the clock and it is 4pm and I am freaking out that Lion has been in his room for an hour and a half now awake and probably causing trouble. I was right to freak. He had the beanbag poof in there and had emptied it out and was very apologetic. “Towry mummy, towry.” “Towry mummy, towry.” He just kept repeating it and I kept repeating “oh no, oh no, oh no…” I imagine from the way he was acting he had quite a ball tipping them out but then realised the mess he had made and wasn’t quite sure what to do. I am not sure how long he had been standing there just looking at the beads when I found him but it could have been quite a while. I got so many “Lion love you mummy” and “Lion scoop for you” while I was cleaning them up. I think he traumatized himself by it. I cleaned up as much as I could with him and Dragon but the bulk of it had to wait till daddy was home, Dragon was in bed and Lion was in the bath. Still, his room got a good clean. I now know the easiest ways to clean up “lots of tircles” off the floor.

"Towry Mummy, Towry"

"Towry Mummy, Towry"

"Lots of Tircles"

"Tircles in Lion's toes"

For those who need it here is the clean up method saved for posterity...

The best way is relatively simple. A garbage bag sitting open beside you and a thin book and a dust pan. Any brooms or anything just get choked up with beans and become more annoying than the original problem. You use the spine of the book (I had a childrens arch book) and used that tilted away from the beans to scrape piles into the dust pan then empty them into the bag. Then once you get to a scattered few on the floor (less than the capacity of your vacuum cleaner bag) I used just the pipe of the vacuum held just off the carpet and they came running to me! I tried a few other things first like brooms and brushes and various angles of dustpan and book and the vacuum head just pushed them around instead of sucking them up. Hope none of you ever need this!

-Mummy McT

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