Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Splitting Chins?

Lion was close to having to get a stitch or two in his chin for this one… leaving playgroup today I noticed a scratch on his arm and when I loaded him in the car I did the lick the finger and wipe it to see how bad it is thing and it wiped off. Not really sure where the blood came from I went searching and found the back of his pudgy little hand was covered with smeared blood. I asked him where he had hurt himself and he said “look at Lion unda neck mummy” and he had a cut on his chin. I took him home and started to clean him up before I got him out of the car because I thought if I needed to go to the Doc it would be easiest to not get either of them out. I then realised that it was more than I wanted to handle and I had better go to the Doc. I organized to pick up Wolf (I was not going to hold his head still if he needed to get stitched up!) and we went off to the Doc. In the mean time I tried to get out of Lion what he did and the best I could get was “look dere a ole unda Lion neck mummy, dere a ole” yes I assured him there was a hole there. He seemed pretty impressed. I managed to get out of him that he did it on bricks but when exactly and how and which bricks I don’t think I will ever know. I am sad that he can do something like that and not need a mummy cuddle. He said he cried but there were no tear streaks through the grime on his face so I don’t know if he actually did. I asked him why he didn’t tell me when he did it or why he didn’t tell fis friends mummies if he couldn’t find me and he didn’t seem to see why he should have. So the doc pretty much said that he wouldn’t bother even trying to stitch a 2 year olds chin unless it really needed it and got the nurse to recommend what sort of dressing would be best he also said that it was going to scar no matter what he did so we might as well use the minimum to avoid trauma. Now we have a big white dressing that we cant change for 5-7 days on his chin. It will be so disgusting by the time it comes off! The nurse gave me some antibacterial soap to try and keep it a bit clean since it is on his face. Lion was afraid of the treatment room and the nurse though. He has only been in that room and to the nurse to get his immunizations and daddy in all his wisdom had told Lion that he might have to get a needle for his chin so when I tried to put him on the bed he wouldn’t put his bottom down. We eventually figured out the problem and explained that the nurse was only going to put on a new special bandaid like the one mummy had put on and he had said that it tickled when I did that so it would be a nice thing.

Post Script - Eventually I found out from asking the other mummies that he hit a pole at full speed, fell over, got back up and kept going at full speed. No one mentioned it to me because they assumed since he barely blinked he hadn't hurt himself. I am at least a little relieved that he didnt do it doing any of the very dangerous things he told me were how he did it, still sad he didnt need my kisses to make it better. -MMcT

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