Saturday, 17 March 2007

"Lion the Builder"

Lion has just "discovered" building blocks. He only had a few "hand-me-downs" from all different sets until K-Mart had 20% off toys this week and we bought him a few more Duplo blocks to help him along. These pics are from the day that he just started building things with them. He has played with them before and made us build things for him but has never built anything himself other than "look mummy, a tower!" this particular creation is a plane.

It has wings which kept getting bigger and bigger until they dropped off (that was a little sad for him) but he then modified his design to make them just as big but stay on the plane. I think we might have an engineer in the family (or a brickies labourer). As you can see he was very proud of his plane and Dragon thought it was top stuff too. Lion found a peep hole in his design that was good for spying on Dragon and peek-a-booing Mummy.

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  1. They are sooooo cute!
    Did you know some of the photos can click and enlarge and others don't? Do you do something different when you load some of them?


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