Sunday, 13 April 2008

Boys will be Boys.

Wolf and Mummy McT remember Gladiators from when we were younger but it's a whole new concept for Lion and Dragon. Dragon was in awe of "Hang tough" and was watching it with his hand over his mouth in excited disbelief that some peoples mothers let them do things like that. Eventually it started as Mummy McT knew it had to, they became Gladiators. Wolf helped Dragon pretend to be playing Hang Tough and MMcT started calling him "Dragonator", "I want to be Lionator" pipes up Lion. Wolf came up with "The Wolf" immaginative, isn't he? The did some silly things and MMcT couldnt watch so went to clean up after dinner, things went down hill after that... The names that were being thrown around were "The Wedginator", "The Droolinator" and poor Lionator was on the receiving end of both these Gladiators. The Wedginator did his trade mark move of giving such a huge wedgie that Lionator was tipped forwards leaving a backside hanging in the air unprotected and Droolinator (who was in Wedginators arms) drooled down onto his backside. Nice.

we are currently working on promotional materials for Lionator and Dragonator.

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