Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Grossness Update

So I had JUST posted the grossness post (read below) when I walk back into the lounge where Wolf and boys were playing before bed and see Lion leaning over a small spot of green jelly on the playroom floor. We had green jelly for dessert so not so strange to find some, well after dinner, that has managed to be tracked around the house. "ooooohhhhh Jelly" says Lion and wipes the small spot up with his finger and licks it off. He stands up and I see that it isn't just a small spot its a medium sized sploodge would be my best description. "that's a bit big to be tracked through after dinner" thinks mummy McT to herself. Then she realises, it's Jelly vomit, Dragon has done his trick of over-eating then chucking up the bit that was too much for him and not telling anyone, and Lion had just licked some up. MMMmmmm, Grossness. Life with toddlers.

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  1. What kind of jelly is that when it tastes the same before and after reguritation?


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