Saturday, 3 May 2008

Creative Flair

Dragon surprised me today. Lion has never had the "be bothered" to sit still and do any sort of art or craft. So my attempts to get him to creat masterpiece birthday cards for people have failed misserably. Today I was determined they were going to sit down and make some cards. With mothers day next week and grandma's birthday dinner tonight we needed some cards. Lion fiddle-faddled and drew a little bit and decided that blue paper wasnt for him and could he have some white paper and which side should he use and then he stuck a few bits on his paper and it was painful and drawn out and why we dont do craft very often. Dragon on the other hand drew beautiful pictures all over both sides of his red paper (that there was no way I was getting off him even after he sneezed on it and I wanted to swap it for another piece) then I put some glue on the paper and gave him the collage box. He went to town! Sticking here, sticking there, asking for more glue (silly mummy assumed we would have some of the drawings underneath showing through), trying to get the glue for himself (that just ended up with heaps of collage bits stuck to the glue stick and not the paper). So this is the result.

Both sides were used but I only took a photo of this side. It was going to be folded in half and turned into a card but I left it unfolded and just wrote our message on the back. Dragon was beaming when he gave it to Grandma.

Often as I sit cutting up left over bits of scrapbook page or pictures off wrapping paper I wonder why I am wasting my time, Lion wouldnt notice if we never did a collage again. Now I will think of how much fun Dragon had creating this as I spend ages painstakingly sorting through the wrapping paper after a birthday to find the pictures that are still usable.

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