Monday, 5 May 2008

Anyone for a competition?

It has been mentioned by some it seems to be a bit of a competition between Our Aussie Half-Dozen and In the interest of fostering healthy good hearted rivalry we offer last night's effort from Lion in response to Sleepy Teddy

Yes that is "the mattress" under our bed where it should have been all along. The yellow thing next to Lion is Jeremy Giraffe, his current favourite bed time companion. Jeremy usually sleeps on Lion's back, there obviously wasn't enough room for that. Lion has taken to sleeping on a mattress on the floor of our room lately. He has done this before but it's been for a few nights and he has gone back to his own bed. This time he wasn't going by himself so we dropped a hint by removing the fold out mattress and all the bedding. He didn't get the hint. He came in and found the only mattress on the floor and got on it as best he could. There was just enough gap for his 3 year old body to fit between the mattress and the underneath of our bed.

He is good at weird and wonderful sleeping positions. Jeremy is able to be seen better in these photos.

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  1. Now if I had time to drag out the old photo albums, and scan the photos of Possum and Dragon in their very interesting sleeping positions, I might just be able to draw even with some of Lion's weird and wonderful ones. But since the thought of wrestling with pre-digital technology makes me feel exhausted I will graciously give in.

    Lion YOU are the best Strange-Position-Sleeper! I will send you an award. If I remember.


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