Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Our Winter Tomato Crop

We have tried and tried and tried to grow things but something happens very quickly after we put them in the ground. We have more success with seeds until they get to seedling size and get ripped out by helpful little hands. I have often put it down to different things... too much rain... not letting the manure compost enough first... irregular watering patterns. The day we planted our (second attempt at a) winter tomato crop I paid far more attention to what my helpers were doing. I think I now understand why my seedlings dont survive transplanting. They are killed with love but none the less, they are killed. A few of my dozen seedlings are soldiering on...

The two planted in the peat brick tomoato block thingo are doing the best so I think when I manage to kill what is in the veg patch at the moment I will top it up entirely with peat.

Both of them lost their tops to the garden pixies, were completely bare rooted with their first watering in (and then not discovered until 12 hours later) but have been determined to re-group and survive

The sole survivor of the 10 planted into the veggie patch isn't looking real great. I know the gound looks a little dodgy but this was just before it was watered, and just under the surface is always moist (just pre-empting rude comments on the colour of my thumbs).

The one winner from this however has been the basil planted with our last attempt at tomatoes. after the last lot died from what I assumed was exposure I put up a little shade house for this lot and that along with all the coddling the new tomatoes have received has really agreed with the little basil plants.


  1. You used 'winter' and 'tomato crop' in the same sentence. ... ... ... you don't actually HAVE winter, do you?

    See, I know this because - - -tomatoes don't grow in winter, unless they are in a hothouse. And NQ is really just a big hothouse, isn't it?

  2. I like to grow plants, especially flowers. The only thing is, my little sisters like to pull the flower petals off and sometimes the flower buds too.
    From Possum


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