Thursday, 29 May 2008

It's a Rosella Monster!

I have never seen such a happy Rosella bush as ours. The story goes... Western Australian farmers were having troubles with these weeds in their fields and couldnt figure out how to get rid of them. They would self seed and grew into these little shrubs that the birds loved to eat the fruit off. Their wives came up with an idea, lets turn them into something useful. So they made jam out of the fruit and it just happened to be really yummy. So now people actually try to grow rosellas. We didn't. well not this year, last year was a very bad year for rosellas, the rain was at the wrong time or something so the small plant my grandma gave us struggled and struggled and it just didnt make it, hardly any around town did. when we took it out of the pot grandma gave it to us in I tipped the rest of the soil into the veggie patch. one day this plant starts sprouting. we figured out what it was and let it grow assuming it wouldn't take up too much room, most plants struggle to get to 1m tall. Ours is now towering over the 6ft fence, providing great shade for the cubby house, and is getting covered in flowers! the fruit are coming along on some branches too! They are very pretty flowers, I had to take some photos. I dont have time at the moment to make this entry look like someone has spent time formattting it so it's all a bit messy but here are the photos. I told grandma I would give her the fruit so she could make me some jam, she said she would teach me how to make jam. We'll see how that goes:)


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  2. They are some really pretty photos!!! I like to take photos of flowers!!!


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