Thursday, 29 May 2008

Little Bear comes to play

Aunty K has had to go back to work but Little Bear doesnt have a full time place at day care so we are sharing her with grandma on wednesdays! She had so much fun! They trashed the lounge room and play room and all Dragon wanted to do was be with her but she got a bit tired of that after a few minutes. I think he was playing "wombats" or something with her, he would crawl up to her and put his head down and ram her. or if she was sitting down he would lie down in her lap and look up at her until she hit him hard enough to make him think that it was a bad idea. They did have a great time!
Later in the afternoon we went to the aquarium with JMac. They had a ball. there were baby turtles and big fish and little fish and in between size fish and more fish and sharks and big turtles and lots and lots of exciting things!!!

just a couple of photos, it was hard to keep track of all the kids!!!

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  1. It certainly sounds like they had fun!!! When my little sisters play in the rumpus room, there is always a BIG mess afterwards!!!


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