Thursday, 8 May 2008

New Slippers

It's such an exciting thing to blog, they boys got new slippers today. You would also think that with all the shoes in this house there would have been a pair of slippers that fitted each of the boys but nope, not a pair to fit either of them. Lion formed and attachment to my new uggs but slippers for kids were on special at a different store so I had big plans to go and get some each but that just didnt happen. Thankfully, they were on special again for this week, we didnt wait. Off we went today to K-mart for their 20% off footwear sale. I was a little worried when all the slippers I could see were pink and fluffy. I remembered why, once they grew out of their slippers half way through winter last year, they got socks with non skid bits on the bottom - Wolf wouldnt let me get them the only slippers left in town because they were pink. Thankfully there was still a small selection of boys slippers left. I quickly found the sensible, adjustable strap ones (they both have FAT feet) that happened to be a reliable brand and the cheapest there. Somehow I managed to convince Lion that they were REALLY GREAT and even though I dont think he knows what expensive means, he took it to be a bad thing, so when Mummy was saying that the character ones (Thomas, Wiggles, Bob...) were expensive and these ones were better he agreed with me. So without further delay, here are the McTavish boys in their new slippers!

I know you cant really see the slippers but it's a cute photo isnt it???

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  1. Ah, it's a shame you don't live closer to us because we actually GROW slippers in our house. It seems like every time I turn around there is another pair of slippers sitting in the middle of the living room, trying very nonchalantly to look like there were there all along. They are mostly of the pink, fluffy variety, however.


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