Thursday, 8 May 2008

Too much Aunty K in him...

The story goes that when Aunty K was about Lion's age she went shopping with her mummy to buy her daddy a birthday present. They purchased a lovely new Banana lounge and mummy set it up to K that it was a surprise and not to tell daddy. They arrived home and K proudly told Daddy that they had bought his birthday present, it was a banana lounge and it was a surprise!

It's Wolf's birthday on Monday and we bought a little - or not so little:) - something extra for his present this afternoon. Lion was quite excited about it, dragon just wanted me to get it out of the pram since he was also in the pram *underneath it*, so i was explaining to Lion that we cant tell daddy that we bought it, I will hide it in Lion's cupboard until monday when we will give it to daddy for his birthday. Lion seemed to like the idea of having a secret from daddy but obviously it was all too much for him. As yet Wolf doesnt know exactly what the present is but he has been informed that we bought it this afternoon, it is a secret surprise for him and it is hidden in Lion's cupboard. I found Lion standing with his cupboard open staring at the wrapped up object with a very excited look on his face. I really will be surprised if it is in anyway a surprise by monday.

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