Thursday, 26 June 2008

I last posted about all the questions Lion asks, then the next day i trundled off the the kindy parent teacher interview and found out they have had to call in Pastor M to deal with one of his questions!!!!! Last week at kindy they were discussing that God made the world, and all the trees and plants, he made the animals and the people and then Miss C asked if any of the kids had a question... Of course Lion has a question!!!!!

Who made God?

Miss C said she did her best but told them that she would see if Pastor M could come in and talk to them a bit more about all those tricky questions. Not bad for a 3 year old.

The rest of the meeting went really well, Miss C was very positive about everything, although even when Miss C says something that is a negative you could be excused if you miss it mistaking it for a positive, she's just one of those teachers. Lion loves to make sure as many people as possible are involved in games or building or craft he is doing, he is compassionate and caring and kind and loving and co-operative and exuberant. He needs to work on his volume (yeah, we've noticed that one!!!) and concentration for some things. He loves movement and music and also loves to ask questions...


  1. Hi there! I have just 'tagged' you on my blog for a Biblical Meme. Please play along if you want!


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