Friday, 4 July 2008

Biblical Meme

Mummy McTavish couldn't decided who she thought she represented so I gave her a list of Biblical characters, among many Rebeka (she had two sons who contended with each other like MMcT), Mary (who would sit at Jesus' feet while Martha rushed around doing things), Dorcus (I couldn't think of anything other than it's a funny name, oh apart from meaning Doe, a dear) but my favourite was Jael. She said 'Oh yeah someone who is known for killing a guy with a tent peg, how does that represent me?' Well to cut a long story short she told me I could blog it for her and she will do her own later. So with further ado I would also say that she will edit this post later and tag the people she wishes. Now I bring you:

JAEL (meaning Mountain Goat) - independent stubborn determined.

Judges 4:17-23 - Sisera fled to the tent of a woman named Jael. She said to him, "Come right in! Do not be afraid!" Jael was not an Israelite, so Sisera went in to hide in her tent. She gave him milk to drink, and covered him with a blanket and Sisera went to sleep. Then Jael took a tent peg and a hammer. She went quietly to Sisera while he slept, and she drove the tent peg right through his head and into the ground. Soon Barak came searching for Sisera. Jael called him into her tent and said to him, "Come, I will show you the man you are looking for." There lay Sisera dead, with his head pinned to the ground.

This passage illustrates the Lord's sovereign freedom in using whom He will to accomplish His purposes, even an unassuming woman. Jael brings Sisera (her enemy) milk to drink, like a mother with her child. She covers him with a rug, as if "tucking" him in. Outwardly she seems very loving and gentle and safe.

Yet this motherly figure reaches for a tent stake and executes her enemy. In doing so Jael proves to be a strong and determined woman. Jael also takes the initiative and does something she feels is right (serving her God and her people by disposing of their enemy) even though her husband would most likely prefer a different option.

This is one of the virtues which attracted me to Mummy McTavish in the first place, firstly it was her beautiful face and secondly she was not afraid of putting a 300 pound man in his place when everyone else including myself was afraid to face him and his terrible temper.

- Love you Mummy McTavish, Wolf


  1. 300 pound man - hmmmmm? Could his first name start with 'B' and he played the piano and he worked for CSA and he could probably be diagnosed as a bit of a sociopath?

  2. CSA? Does that stand for:
    - Criminal Sociopaths Anonymous

  3. Just watch what you say about CSA! It's not all Criminal Sociopaths who work there!

    Jael is my favourite bible character. I can empathise with her and have occasionally wanted to put a man in their place with a tentpeg (although I don't think it was in God's best interests at the time so better that I didn't).

  4. I was wondering, at the beginning, how you were going to dig yourself out of that hole, Wolf. But you did it beautifully. Well worded and very flattering. Now you can do one for me too. Come on, get to it!


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