Friday, 25 July 2008

Beware the Huggler

In our house we dont have cuddles or hugs we have huggles. It was something Lion came up with. I just thought I would share how polite my little Lion has become most some of the time lately. Dragon has been in a very huggley mood lately. he'll just walk toward you clap his hands twice and say "huggle" if you dont respond and prepare to be huggled he'll do it again *clap, clap* "HUGgle" no response (only if it's Lion, everyone else pounces on a good dragon huggle) *clap, clap* "HUGGLE!!!!" I was listening to the very one-sided interaction between them just before and then I hear Lion chip in.
Lion- "um, I dont really need a huggle at the moment"
Dragon- *clap, clap* "huggle"
Lion- "Dragon, let go of me, I dont really need a huggle at the moment".

Oh that was so lovely to hear, and it sure beats the
Dragon- *clap, clap* "huggle"
WHOMP (sound of lions hands flat on dragons chest as he pushes him away with perhaps a little too much force making him land on his backside on the floor)

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