Friday, 25 July 2008

Our 'Name it Claim it' son

[picture not related to story at all except maybe that Lion's hands are raised. Coffee anyone? Hands down for coffee.]

Lion hasn't been feeling well lately and so we have been praying with him that he would get better. Yesterday morning Mummy was trying to get him to take his medicine but he didn't want to. The conversation went something like this:

Mummy: Here's your medicine Lion.

Lion: I don't want it.

Mummy: Come on Lion, it will help you get better.

Lion: No! I don't want it.

Mummy: Why? you liked it yesterday.

Lion: I likeded it yesterday but today we prayed for God will make me better. I don't need medicine because God will heal me.
Wolf: !

Mummy: Yeah, but God can use medicines that people have made to help you get better.

I guess it all comes around to your view on life. I went to a Christian school were we had a small group of vocal 'Charismatic' kids who would verbally abuse the rest of us for not being spiritual enough and one of the debated topics was 'We don't need medicine because God will heal us if we have enough faith'. So when Lion came out with that I immediately though who had been teaching him Kooky theology? But he was taking what we said at face value and trusting that God would heal him.

-Wolf McT

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  1. Don't forget the bit about when God chooses to test your faith by not answering your prayer by healing you straight away, or ever. A couple panadol can be very helpful during those times.


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