Saturday, 5 July 2008

What a good little Lion...

And what a silly Mummy!

I was just preparing some photos to blog (we have a lot of catching up to do) and Lion came in to tell me he needed to do a poo (he was in bed before that). I helped him get the extra seat on the toilet and told him I'll be back in a minute, dont call out it'll wake Dragon up (he often goes slow, no point in hanging around). I set about getting photos blog ready and completely forgot he was sitting on the toilet. Wolf finished his phone call and came in and asked what was happening with Lion. "He should be in bed" I replied starting to get upset that he must be mucking around at bed time yet again... "OH, NO, HE'S STILL ON THE TOILET!!!!!!!" Poor little thing was sitting very quietly, I walked in and he whispered "mummy, I've done a poo". What a good boy he is. I appologised profusely for forgetting he was on the toilet and we got him back into bed. Silly Mummy.

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  1. Don't feel too badly - I have forgotten about my son in the bath for long enough that he had time to go to sleep (on several occasions). Lucky he floats :-)


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