Saturday, 5 July 2008


So we got the fire going, we had borrowed a metal pot plant holder from grandma to house our fire, it got pretty blue and green flames from the copper in the pot so after a phone call to Grandad-chemist to establish that it would in no way harm our marshmallows we started on toasting them.

Dragon, what has happened to the “mammow” I put on your stick???

That mean daddy is wrecking my mammow by putting it in the fire!!!!!!

Lion loves toasted mammows, it’s even better if they end up on fire!

This mammow never actually made it near the fire, as soon as I had taken this photo Dragon whipped the mammow off the end and ate it. It just takes far too much time to toast them, if he just keeps shoveling them in while the rest of us toast ours, surely he can get through 5 or 6 times as many as the rest of us!!!! I am sure that was his reasoning anyway.

PS. I had planned the jumpers to go on them the other way around since that would be how the fitted best but Lion saw me get them out and asked if he could wear the “pineapple one” So cute, I guess it does look like a pineapple skin.

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