Saturday, 5 July 2008

Collecting Fire Wood.

Someone came up with the ingenious idea of toasting marshmallows in the backyard. Seems like a good idea at the time until you have to cross such hurdles as having a fire! To have a fire you must have wood to burn, we do not have any need for a wood pile here, being a pleasant 29C at 11am this morning in the MIDDLE OF WINTER, fires are generally not of any use to us other than for cooking, and we prefer the gas variety for that. So we figured we could probably find enough for a small fire (we didn’t want a bonfire, just a small branch that would burn long enough to set some marshmallows on fire) in the gully area beside our house.
It started off easy enough, we collected little bits for tinder and some nice toasting sticks beneath the tree right next to the house, then we set off to find something that would actually burn for more than 20 seconds. Lion had his new wheelbarrow and Daddy had his (pre-loaded with a dragon in it, I guess Lion had better carry all the fire wood).
We collected plenty not very far from home, but of course we had to go further, we ended up combing the side of the road that is on the other side of the gully.
Lion wanted to go through the tunnels. We did feel a little “white trash”-ish scouring the side of the road but the boys had a great time.
On the way back lion felt like he was missing out on something with Dragon riding in the big wheelbarrow so he wanted to jump in too.
Guess where the wheelbarrow with all the fire wood is???? That’s right, Mummy gets to carry that.

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  1. When are you going to take your boys camping Wolf ???

    If you're interested we'll let you know next time we go !


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