Sunday, 13 July 2008

Our new tradition...

Wolf sizzles some sausages

Lion and Dragon get excited

Lion is learning to put his own sauce on... He got a little too much this time.

It hasn't been an intentional to start a tradition for our family, it's just happened. You know how if you know you are going to a fete or something you start craving fairy floss? well I do anyway. If I know the night markets are on I start craving those little kiev balls, even if i'm not going to the markets. If it's a sunday I know Bunnings will be having a sausage sizzle out the front and I start craving a sausage in a blanket. So one sunday we needed to go to Bunnings so we got a sausage each but one isn't enough. So that night we decided to have our own sausage sizzle at home and invited grandma and grandad over. It was so easy, they were cooked on the barbie, all I did was slice onion, butter bread and put out the sauce and stuff. The first night we didnt even use plates, but the boys were too messy for that. So the next week I got to craving a sunday sausage sizzle and so we did it again, and then the next week and it was then that we decided that this is an easy dinner for sunday and perhaps it should just be our planned dinner, sunday nights are sausage sizzle night. We can invite someone over to share it with us and it's no fuss, cheap, no glitz and glamour to it, kid friendly, we can eat it inside or out. This was sounding good. The last few weeks we have included a bonfire too with marshmallows toasted on sticks, it was too windy for that tonight. Last week our friend DC came over to share it with us, it was my kind of entertaining. Hospitality is not my gifting. A few years ago if I was having anyone over I would either ring my friend C to tell her what I had out and had prepared to see if I had missed anything or invite C&A too because hospitality was definately her gift, she would help me not look quite so useless in front of my guests:). Then they left town.


sorry, off on a tangent there... anyway the point is. Our sunday BBQ rocks. If you want to come to one, dont wait to be invited, just give me some warning that you are coming so I can hide all the junk:)


Sorry, some days are bloggy ones, some arent, I hope you can cope with our bunny-hopping blogging style. You'll get a bloggy-feast on days we have a bit of time and other days are a bloggy-famine.


  1. What a great tradition - we love sausage sizzles too! They are just so easy & yummy.

  2. Looks yummy!!
    I'd love to come, but I live too far away!! :)

  3. Don't worry Possum, the way things are looking at dad's work we will be sausage sizzling with the McT's every Sunday in the not-too-distant future! Won't that be fun??? 8 children with tomato sauce dripping down their arms.

    Seriously, I think its a great idea to have a family tradition. We've almost got to the point where we are having homemade pizze every Friday night. (unintentionally, like you.)


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