Saturday, 26 July 2008

Machiavellian Prince

Our sons love reading books, even though they can't read yet. Maybe I should say they love books; they love to dance on them, they love to stand on them, they love to fold them the wrong way, they love the sound of the pages tearing, they love their parents reading the stories to them, but most of all they seem to love sitting down and looking at the words. Strange as it is to me that seems to keep them occupied for a long period.

I previously posted a photo of Dragon the Warrior Poet, he still loves that copy of Hamlet with it's Klingon translation, he even took it in the car the other day to read while we traveled and into the coffee shop with Grandma. You can imagine the looks Mummy McT and Grandma got when their nearly two year old companion sat there at the coffee shop reading Shakespeare.

So while Dragon has the heart of a Warrior Poet, I believe that Lion may become a psychiatrist, politician, CEO or someone who loves Machiavellian scheming. (Take a close look at the title in the picture above.)

Who knows he maybe even become Prime Minister of Australia once day.

-Wolf McT


  1. Yes I think "Prime Minister McTavish" has quite a ring to it.

  2. I'd vote for him!!! Wow reading Dr Dobson at such a young age - what a great parent he's going to be!!!


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