Sunday, 27 July 2008

Time for some honesty...

After this post about our frog-eating-friend now dubbed "Cranky" Wolf was told pretty much that he was a big chicken for not rescuing the frog with this comment from his little sister...

I mean, what harm could a 60cm non poisonous snake do to a big man? Especially when it has a huge frog 1/4 way down it's throat?

So in reply wolf posted this. Which recieved these comments...

Wow, that is so coooool !!! So how big was 'big brother'? Does this make them 'cranky' & 'crankier'? What a great BBQ story you've got now (though would have been cooler with the fang marks to show for it !!)


You could have lied and said the scratch was from the fangs of the snake. But you didn't, so you are not just a big, strong man - you're a big, strong, honest man. But you'll always be my little big brother. That snake is lucky I wasn't there coz NO ONE attacks my brother!!!!! By the way, are you going to send that into funny home videos?

and within minutes of posting it he recieved a very concerned phone call from his MIL checking that he really was okay.

I had been suggesting we add an ammendment after only 1 person thought it was real, (which was when I first saw it) Wolf needed 3 people to believe him before he decided that he should submit a retraction. Actually people believing him was fine, it was his sister calling him honest that really made him think perhaps he should let people know it's not real. And if we are being really honest, we have no idea how to get our own videos on here anyway so it certainly cant be in our drain. I did inform my mum that she should have realised it wasnt real because if Wolf had discovered that snake in the drain beside our house I would have called her saying "get some beds ready, I'll be there in 10 minutes with the boys and all we need to survive until someone catches that thing".

So appologies from Wolf to those who believed him and consider this a warning from me... Dont believe everything you read on the net. Especially not if it involves Wolf McTavish!!!!!

-Mummy McT (and the first snake really was real and really was in our back yard, HONESTLY!!!)


  1. I thought that the Youtube video did make the snake story a little sus, but then I have great faith in Wolf's ability to overcome any tech problems. So I got sucked in, in spite of that reservation. Next time I will trust my gut feeling.

  2. Oooooo, you naughty Wolf. You be glad your little sister is over a thousand kilometres away right now!! Someone said the big snake should be called "Crankier", but that name now belongs to me. Bad boy! Naughty!

    P.S. To upload a video you just click the 'upload video' button.

    P.S.S. Glad you all got a laugh out of our gulibility!


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