Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Whinge, whinge, whinge.

Whinge, complain, gripe, crank, whinge (yes, I know I’ve said that already) whinge, whinge, whinge! I did a great big post but it had a zillion spelling and grammar errors so I went to copy and past it into Word to fix them the lazy way. I highlighted it all, and then instead of ctrl+c I hit ctrl+v and pasted in the last thing I had copied and lost everything I had done. I realised straight away what had happened but as soon as I went to retrieve the auto save copy it did another auto save and saved the mistake and lost the one I really wanted saved. Anyway, now I have to get to writing it all again, this time I’ll start in Word. Whinge, crank, complain…. so much for the lazy way...

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