Sunday, 17 August 2008

And I thought it couldn't get any worse

Okay, so after the bare backside in the middle of the video shop episode (I think I'm still living in the 90's, they havent stocked videos for years!) I thought we had dealt with our embarassment for the weekend. Oh how wrong I was.

We decided to go to Bellarmies (Sizzler) for dinner tonight and invite Grandma and Grandad to come. Everything was going nicely, Lion was eating everyone else' prawns...

Dragon was eating everything in sight...and we were generally having a lovely time. Until Lion noticed a man walking past our table, he was not a small man but he had a bit of middle age spread happening, nothing more. Just as he got level with Lion... "That man is FAT!" and not in that nice quiet voice he is know for (oh, who am I kidding, he never uses a nice quiet voice) it was his larger-than-life-everyone-in-a-3Km-radius-can-hear voice. The man ignored him if he did hear (and lets face it, no one missed it) but we got some looks later on from his wife. As I tried diplomatically to explain to Lion that what he said was not appropriate he decided to counter me with (again in his LTLEIA3KRCH voice) "But he is FAT". Mummy was trying not to die of embarassment so she kept a smile plastered on her face and continued on... in the end I decided the longer I kept trying to explain the inappropriateness of his statement the more he was going to keep loudly saying the (other) F word so we resorted to "we'll talk about it later". How do we explain to kids where truth ends and "better to keep your mouth shut" starts????


  1. Yes - although we've never had a video shop incident (which by the way - why do we still call them video shops - although DVD shop sounds wrong) we have had a few fat incidences. Thankfully with the one where Zai said "that man is fat" the wife cracked up laughing - the other one when he said "why does that lady look like big mama (from the movie)?" we could brush over - although in both instances it was incredibly hard to keep a straight face!!

  2. Mousie used to get the giggles every time certain babysitter arrived at our craft group. She would say, "Look at that lady mummy, she's got a big fat bottom!" (And she did - a big fat size 32 bottom. She told me!) But with Mousie's speech problems it came out as "Yook at yat yaydie, mummy, dee dot a bid bat bomb-um."

  3. No parent can escape the fact that their children will be outrageous once or twice in their lives and no adult EVER got through their own childhood without causing shame to his/her parents at some stage. If they (the 'fat' man or whoever) can't be understanding that is their problem. But then I would say that since I'm Lion's grandma.


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