Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Guess where we went today???? That's right, the Dorothy herself has graced our town with two performances and we were there!! Thank you to my lovely friend who won the tickets but had already purchased tickets for her family so gave us the free ones!!! We had an extra ticket so we found someone with a "free" child (under 18mos get in free) and took them. Thanks for coming Aunty Wilbie and Little Wilbie.

Well the lights dimmed and I got the boys on their seats and Dragon just stood there. It was all a bit new for him. He seemed to like it but really wanted to be cudding mummy to do that so he climbed on my lap and there he sat for the rest of the hour! He wouldnt clap, he wouldnt dance, he just wouldnt get involved. Lion on the other hand, he wanted to be with the kids down the front. Now I'm not sure who lets their kids go down the front in a theatre situation but they obviously dont have my kid. We were in row Q, just in case you are wondering the rows start at row A at the front and there are 26 of them, that makes us nearly at the back! Perhaps if your child had some sort of sense of direction you may (there was no way Lion would be able to find his way back to us), perhaps if you knew for sure your child would never get up on the stage and start goovin' with the great-green-one or try to flog the feather-sword (Oh, for sure Lion would) or if you knew that at the end they would wait down there for you to collect them (No chance, Lion would be out the door quick smart and I would probably catch him half way down the highway) if any of those things were true you may let your child go and get their groove on but no, I explained to Lion that those were the kids that were lucky enough to sit from Row P forward :) He did do a bit of dancing where we were but I did get the distinct impression from him that I was cramping his style (oh no, I sound like the mother of a teenager!!!!)

So my thoughts on the performance are...

*It's a girly show.

*I felt a little ripped off going to see a show that has originated in Australia and half the performers (including the very fake captain Feather-sword) were doing a dodgy aussie accent to cover up their American accent.

*Can I say I felt ripped off if the tickets were free???

*Captain Feather-sword could use a lot of lessons in how to act like captain feather-sword.

*For the amount of time Henry spends on set I really dont think it was worth including him!!!

*It was a good show, I enjoyed it, the kids enjoyed it (in their own special way) and we got to do something out of the ordinary.

*The postman made me laugh, he was so caracatured but scarily reminded me of people I actually know (and not caracatures of them, the real person!!!)

*They need trafic lights at the exit to the Civic theatre

*I will probably not take the boys to any more shows that involve audience participation at the theatre (or anyhwere with allocated seating) until they are a bit bigger.

*They could learn a few things from "Playschool Live", now that show ROCKED!!! best birthday I've had for ages!

*We really did have fun, I am just a whinger.

*My photos are dodgy because I wrongly assumed it would be no cameras but it wasnt so all I had was my mobile phone. I considered getting the lady in front of us to take some photos and giving her my email address but decided that reallywasnt such a good idea.


  1. Thanks for the tickets. I am, however, still feeling very ripped off that Captain Feather Sword was so fake and sounded like a character from the Simpsons. I also can't believe that some parents would buy long stemmed red roses to give to Dorothy. Wonder what they do with all the fake roses that Dorothy is given?

  2. A friend from work said his daughter was going to see that today. She is only 2 so I hope she enjoyed it more than the adults :-)

    Big hugs to my boys! I am missing them heaps !!!

  3. I've always thought that going to see Dorothy and gang without seeing the Wiggles as well would be a bit strange. I hope the children didn't realise it wasn't the 'real' Captain Feathersword.

    I took Ducky to see the Wiggles when they were in town the year she turned 2. She just sat and watched too - I think seeing them all in person was a bit confusing and overwhelming.

  4. Mum-me - I asked Lion during the show if it was really captain Feathersword and he said "yeah"and he gave me that look that says "are you really that stupid".

  5. My niece up in Brisbane went to that show a couple of weeks ago! I agree with Mum-me- it would be strange having dorothy without the wiggles. BTW when I saw the title of your post up on my blog I started singing the song straight away!


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