Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Lion and the BMX race.

Lion saw a promo of "what's on the olympics today" and thought the BMX racing was great!

"Mummy, when I am big like Daddy I will do that, and I will beat everyone on their bicycles because I will have a MOTORBIKE, I like to beat people!"

Fair play is not a concept he is really familiar with.

He is a little interested in motorbikes lately because Uncle R took the ramps for the ride on mower to use for his new quad bike. Lion hasn't seen the quad yet but is impressed and thinks that it must be a really great motorbike because it has four wheels, not just two!!


  1. Quads are really great bikes - because I can actually ride them - I'm always very nervous on the 2 wheeled variety! I think every post you have makes me laugh - you capture your boys comments so well!

  2. Uncle R has a quad bike? Scary stuff !!!

    Other Uncle R could take him for a ride on a motorbike except that we don't have a motorbike any more. (I can feel your disappointment for Lion already MMcT - maybe another time ??)

    Does Uncle R actually have room at his place for a quad bike ??


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