Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Okay, I was starting to get seriously worried about how this guy was going to know when he got too close to our cubby house.
We were sitting eating our lunch watching the diggers and things working behind our house. When we started building the cubby I had dreams of sneaking up into the cubby at night to show the boys the cows munching on the grass on the other side... then they started clearing the land, then they started bringing in huge mounds of earth and then they stopped. then they started again, bringing in more dirt and leveling it and just creating huge dust clouds to go through my house and settle on everything on the patio and i did take photos of some of the dust clouds coming up from the machines but I am sure you can imagine what it would be like. Anyway, the boys had a great time, it did freak dragon a little and he didnt want to be out there without me but Lion stayed out there for ages watching them leveling ou tthe dirt. There was a grader on tracks, a grader with steamroller type wheels, a digger, a few dump trucks and a lone futile water truck working to keep the dust down:(
Lion informed my friend that came over for dinner that the grader and the water truck are his favourites. He will fill the watering can and hold it behind him and wander round the yard pretending to be a water truck.
Inviting a grade 1 teacher around for dinner is a great idea too!!! She read lion 2 books for bedtime (usually it is 1 with no negotiation), she knew all their sneaky tricks already, she managed to get dragon to eat his dinner which just hasnt been happening lately and she was just plain wonderful!!!! We have been friends for nearly 20 years (which is scary in itself, can I be old enough to have had friends around for 20 years???) and I think I might just keep her.
And the pizza was tops (lion insisted on making his a calzone like he saw Jame Oliver make) and the toblerone mousse was even better!!!!!!!


  1. My kids watch Jamie Oliver too ( we have his Oliver twist series on DVD). It always inspires their "creativity " (also known as making a big mess in the kitchen!LOL).
    Aren't boys cute when it comes to machinery - they just get so engrossed & then has to find some way of copying it! What are they building behind your home? Glad your cubby house was fine!

  2. Sounds like a little boys idea of heaven - heavy machinery, dirt and water. What more could a 3-year-old ask for?


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