Thursday, 14 August 2008

Things you need to worry about in a kids playground

Well, I guess it wasn't really a flame thrower but I am allowed to exagerate, it's my blog.

Yesterday we had an outing for playgroup to a local park. We turned up and found that the council had decided that a wednesday morning was a great time to paint a new hopscotch grid on one of the paths. Makes sense to me!!!!! So, wet paint was the first problem we could forsee. Thankfully they decided to move the great big buckets of paint away so they were out of kids reach but it made the hopscotch more accessible. We had a talk to them and they said they would be about an hour (half of playgroup) the kids thought it was great watching the paint sprayer and stuff and then they needed to dry it all at the end. So out comes the flame thrower (you cant see the flames in this shot but rest assured, they are there and quite big!)

and where are our children during this rather dangerous looking exercise.... why right next to them of course...At one stage they had to wait for one layer of paint to dry a bit before they could put on the next layer, all the kids were standing watching and I asked Lion if he would like to climb on the spiderweb or have a swing or play in the sand "no thanks mummy, I would just like to watch the paint dry." and so they all stood there and watched the paint dry...

My Magpie admirer came back with a gift for me yesterday too. I'm not sure what it was but it was slimy and quite large really. Actually I think he just wanted to find somewhere quiet to eat it himself because the diggers were making too much noise in the back padock (Renata- I think they are building a new housing development).


  1. Too funny! Who would think that kids would stop what they are doing to actually watch paint dry!?! LOL

  2. I'm finally finding time to catch up on blogs - sorry it's taken so long. Isn't it just like kids - would rather watch paint dry than play on the playground (very funny though- I had a good laugh!)


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