Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Big Test

Hearing test... done and dusted. As suspected, he was not into the idea at all. Folded arms, tears, bargaining, humph-ing, he did the lot. Also as suspected, he can hear every word I say. Although, I was wondering until just near the end if I actually had my Lion there with me. The child that was in the room with me was quiet, methodical, ordered, not my Lion. My Lion is noisy (too noisy, partly why we were there), haphazard, chaotic, that's my lion. So we got through all the tests, Lion behaved and did everything he was told. I did feel a little sorry for him, and for all kids that go for hearing tests there... Many of them are already having trouble understanding what people are saying, then they go and put an Indian Dr with a very strong accent doing the tests. **I am absolutely not doubting her qualifications, she was great, this has nothing to do with any high profile cases of overseas trained Doctors** Lion was concentrating so hard to make sure he did the right thing and I could tell he just wasn't sure what she was saying some of the time. So he passed with flying colours, now I know he is just ignoring me. I think his biggest problem is actually that he has his brain all over the place all the time, he can be concentrating on three things at a time and he is coping with that but then mummy's voice comes in too and it is just that one thing too much for him to concentrate on. Ahh, he tries very hard to be a good boy, I love him even if he does ignore me!


  1. You too? I just saw this on Katherine's blog too. Must be the time for hearing tests....
    Thank God his hearing is ok. :)

  2. Great, great news! SO glad that he's fine...our fourth is hearing impaired and so I know the stress of taking them through testing, sweating the results.

    Again, great, great news! Now, to just get him to hear you!!!;o)

  3. Glad everything turned out okay.

  4. Glad everything is okay with your Lion. This post reminded me about getting my hearing tested about twenty years ago. When talking with the doctor before the test, I told him I needed to know if I wasn't hearing or wasn't listening... He got a laugh out of that after the test. I wasn't listening. I was happy to brighten his day, and glad I wasn't going deaf yet...

    Thanks for a memory-jogging post.

    Helen G.

  5. Glad the outcome was good!
    It is hard with the multicultural doctors - I'm sure at the twins test in Canberra part of their problem was the doctors both had very strong English accents. Hopefully we get an aussie speechy who can reassess them.


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