Wednesday, 1 October 2008

My Child is a Creative Genius... could also be called My Child Cant Be Bothered to Take more Than Two Minutes To Create Anything For Me At Kindy

Lion is creative, VERY creative, just not in your stereotypical loves to paint and draw and glue type creative way... He can create an alter-ego and stay in character for days on end, never faltering. He can see birds and animals and machinery where to anyone else there is NOTHING THERE. He creates his own games that have highly complex rules (at least as soon as I think I have them figured out there is a whole new facet to them). He turns a toast cooling rack (becasuse we all love cold toast???) into a grapple or a digger or a harvester. He is creative. I am believing however that his kindy teachers pin him down every few weeks and force him to put some sort of marks on paper so that they can feel justified in putting my fees towards craft equipment. Here is the latest installment that came home last week...
I used the old "so tell me all about this lovely picture" trick. "it's a skog mummy" "oh, silly me, I was holding it upside down, now I see it. Yes it does look like a skog" "No it doesnt because I left it's legs off" "oh" (well what else could I say????)
And here's another one in a different medium...
mmmmm, yellow... yep, he's quite the artist. See the star hiding behind that yellow paper??? That is the artist (aka Lion) screaming through his art that he is feeling like he is hiding in the background trying to get out, he can peek around the edges but just cant get past the main players. No, no, actually it's saying he feels like a star stuck in a world of um, yellow triangles... okay, I've lost my art interpretation skills since uni.
We got a little more with this one, I was so excited with this one I actually asked the teacher if it was really his and if he had help and "really, is it his?" and yes, it's his, he did it, he used all those colours and different strokes and the whole piece of paper...
And finally, he does seem to feel more confident expressing himself with collage, particularly buttons and christmas decorations...
And all of these have been hung on the wall. So whose kids bring home beautiful art works every week and wonder what to do with them all? Send them to me! this is it for a year of kindy! one day a week sinc the end of January, this is the craft I have to show. Actually I also have a massive box creation that is a working model of an excavator, moving parts and all. I gush over them all equally, I love that he gets so excited that I am excited about his art.
Note: Lion's kindy is brilliant, they are worth every cent we pay them (when we remember to pay) and they put up with him and I dont care if he does craft or not. It's more like I am dropping him off with friends. I just wish he would cry when I leave, just once. And perhaps NOT cry when I come to pick him up, just once.


  1. The artwork is priceless - he will love looking at it when he's older.

    From my experience as a pre-school teacher, it's the girls who are more comfortable painting and pasting (usually) while the boys much prefer to build, dig and 'pretend'.

    And from my experience as a mum - for every one of Dragon's drawings or paintings I must have AT LEAST 15 of Possum's.

  2. Yep. Brilliant! I have kept so many of the kids' art projects--I just love 'em!

    So glad you could appreciate my amazing hairdressing skills as you yourself have shown such proficiency with Lion. And, yes, I do think I understand why Lion is a little haircut phobic, giving the shearing he's experienced!!! ;o)


  3. I bet if it were creative stories there - you'd have walls & walls full!
    Ellie also has to be made to do the craft often - she would prefer to be playing with her friends there!


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