Thursday, 11 September 2008

file under: Are you sure that's what you mean???

I have been going through my glory box that my grandma gave me when I turned 16 getting out stuff for this carpark sale. No, it hasn't been packed up for 10+ years, when we got married out came all the stuff that we would use and in went all the stuff that we didn't really need or had no place to display. I have been pulling interesting things out all night, not the least of which was my wedding jewelry which went missing within 24 hours of our wedding and hasn't been seen since!!!! 7 and a bit years and it turns up less than a week after when it would have been really useful, Murphy and his law!

And then there's the small stuffed turtle which Lion INSTANTLY fell in love with. It even talked on the phone to Grandma when I rang her to let her know that I found my jewels.
He was supposed to be sleeping with it while I keep pulling out stuff but I unwrap one newspaper bound item to find a ceramic horse that my grandma painted for me when I was little and I hear a little voice call...

"Is that another stuffed-up animal for me to sleep with?"


  1. Interesting post - "sutffed-up animal" very funny.

    I love the header on your blog - creative!

  2. Ha, ha. So funny about the stuffed-up animal. You have inspired me to go through my glory box. It is full of stuff that I really should put somewhere else (like massive senior photos, old photo frames, etc). - Kate


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