Friday, 12 September 2008

That's a first for me.

I was following a truck today (well really a glorified ute) with a sign on the back in big red letters...

I can understand Caution Livestock, or horses, or cattle or whatever they choose to put on with large animals, I have been behind one of those trucks when a load has been released by one of it's occupants, it does require caution. But racing pigeons? Maybe if they all did their business at once I might be in some sort of danger but I thought they only did that on stationary objects, like statues, monuments and fountains that have been turned off due to water restrictions. So, the other option is it's along the lines of "Baby on board". That has two options for a baby sign, I need to be more careful because there is a baby in that car which I think is silly, we should all be driving safely anyway. Or a warning that in an accident you gotta look for a baby, which is how I read those signs. So my two options for pigeons... I will not adjust my driving because of a truck load of pigeons thank you, I drive quite safely with pigeons around or not. And in an accident, I really cant believe that the driver would want me to get in there and release all his pigeons or check them all for whiplash! So, I still dont understand the sign.

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