Wednesday, 10 September 2008

You want how much?

Church carpark sale on saturday, I am doing that little discussion with myself that goes something like this...

"yep, I'll get rid of that"

"how much will you sell it for?"


"but it's rubbish, if it wasnt for the carpark sale you would throw it in the bin"

"but perhaps someone wants it"

So, here I am trying to decide how much to sell a PS1 (with 5 games) for, or 4 sippy cups minus their valves (they still work though, I'm only keeping my tupperware ones, at least the ones I have left of them), Should I sell the cow print dinner set? and if so for how much? How much will someone pay for my non-tupperware plastic containers that I havent used in ages, or what about those 5 almost identical platters we got as wedding presents, or the punch bowl, or my rollerblades, or an old printer, can I convince Wolf to try and sell some of his old computer games, what about his books, I wonder if anyone will want two broken tripods, will anyone buy the cupboard that is the sole reason we booked a space to offload, how many old computer bits and bobs do we have to get rid of? What about a nappy-wrapper? does anyone want one of them, I dont. Am I brave enough to consider selling some of our CD collection, no, not that brave. How many unused candles can I fit on the table??? Can I sell my children

So, help me please, how do I decide how much to sell stuff for?

Prayer for a carpark sale...

Lord, help me to come home with less than I went with.

Help me not to sell any wedding presents infront of the people that gave them to me.

Help me to not sneak my rubbish onto the table hoping that someone thinks it is "just daahling" and pays me $15 for it.

Guide my decisions on what is worth selling and what really is rubbish (someone could re-use that foil bag our chicken came in the other night couldnt they?).

Guide my pricing lest I overprice everything and have to lug it all home again.

Lead me not to other peoples tables that I may avoid purchasing other peoples rubbish.

Keep my brain sharp so I dont look like a fool trying to work out the change from a $5 note for a $1 sale.

Please Lord, PLEASE let us make at least enough for a coffee at Gloria Jeans to recover from selling our precious possesions rubbish.

So, I will endeavour to take some photos of all our junk stuff set up and let you know how it goes for us. Oh yeah, the carpark sale is to raise money for a team from our church to go to Vanuatu on short term missions. It's $12 a site and that is the money for them and then everything you make is yours. There is also a white elephant table for people to donate items they dont want to own up to ... couldnt be bothered selling themselves ... dont have time to come along and sell. They are also doing a sausage sizzle and drinks. It's going to be a great day I think.

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  1. What a great idea! Hope your sale is successful & you can get the coffee! Loved the prayer - LOL!


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