Thursday, 18 September 2008

More what's for dinner antics...

What, I ask you, am I teaching my boys about cooking??? I asked the boys what we should have for dinner.
"Chicken-pork" says Lion.
"Oh, what's chicken-pork? what do you put in it?"
"You get the packet and you empty it out and you put in the ingredients that it says on the packet" (this is the point I realise I may use packets too often lately)
"Has mummy ever made it?"
"is it something you just made up" (because that is so very likely I will find something your imagination just created to be on the shelves at the supermarket)
"yes, I just thought it was yummy"
"So tell me about chicken-pork"
"well it's pork that..."
"goes buuuk buk buk buk..."
"no, it's a rooster that is cut up into little bits so that we can add the rest of the ingredients"

Suffice to say, I still have no idea how to make "chicken-pork" but I hope he'll be happy with spaghetti. At least he didn't ask for horse this time! Anyone would think the boy would actually eat meat if it was put in front of him! No chance of that, he'd be a vegetarian if only he would eat vegetables. Come to think of it, how on earth he survives I have no idea???

I've been thinking lately that I have got very boring with dinner. I'm just struggling finding things they will eat. Things they used to love like cheesytaters and mashed potato and peas and cheesybroc and pumpkin risotto are just sitting on their plates uneaten. They dont get dessert, they dont get anything else until breakfast and they still wont eat it. and half the time they wont eat their breakfast either! I bought kid-vitamins for them because I figure they gotta get some nutrients.

So still no more wedding photos, or carpark sale photos, or anything of interest really for over a week. Been crazy busy lately. But I'm as of today a "Manager in Training" for Tupperware so if you are interested in selling plastic let me know:) if you just want to buy I'm having a "Mystery-host Auction Party" at my place Tuesday morning at 10am. Come along and win some free stuff and have a great time!

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  1. Ellie goes through phases of not eating - & if I remember correctly Zai did also - unfortunately the twins eat EVERYTHING in sight- only tinned food is safe! Hey that's a great idea for a post - thanks - oh yeah I'm just babbling. Hope your sale went well. Looking forward to pics (if you got some!)


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