Tuesday, 9 September 2008


I finally have some photos to show from the weekends wedding!!! I was using mums camera so I didnt have them until today. And the one that I particularly wanted (one of the good ones of the family) didnt fit on my USB stick and I didnt think to check that it was there when I decided my cold groceries in the car probably needed to get home to the fridge and rushed out with whatever was on the stick withough checking. So here we are... The fancied up McTavish Clan!

We had these two spunky little kids running around with us all day. They looked remarkably like Lion and Dragon except they were clean and all dressed up!Lion decided just as we were leaving the house that he needed a wedding hat! Where he got that idea I have no idea but luckily Wolf had his grandad's (Lion's great-grandad) hat that happened to fit Lion. Doesn't he look so adorable???Dragon was a little pleased with the way he was lookin'. We actually borrowed a better fitting vest for Dragon in the end, it looked so much nicer than the little one pulling tight across his pudge.

And now on to the ones that the day was actually all about...

Aunty J (she's a real Aunty now YAY) looked so beautiful and her dad was very proud, I dont think he stopped smiling all day!

And here we are, what the day was all for... Mr and Mrs. I think they look pretty happy with themeselves.Uncle R is my little Bro and I have to say, he scrubbed up better than I have seen for anything else, and that is saying something because he did it without his mummy or Aunty J to make sure he looked okay before he went out. He had a white vest and tie with a black suit and shirt, Lion didn't like his suit, "I don't like it because you are supposed to have the white on the inside and the black on the outside". Obviously Uncle R didnt do as well as I thought getting dressed on his own, if you ask Lion he got his clothes on back to front.

This is just the start of the photos, I'll have more when I can get some time to edit and eventually I will have all the professional shots (handy to be friends with the photographer) and can have some real fun.


  1. Congrats to the bride & groom! I think the black shirt & white tie actually looks really effective (sorry Lion). I do however LOVE Lions hat - just so cute!
    Your family photo is lovely - your dress is gorgous (I love wearing purple!) It's nice to see what you look like!

  2. You all look very 'spiffy' and the B&G look very happy.

  3. Say congrats to Uncle R and Aunty J for us. Didn't know they were getting married! And you guys look pretty spiffy too! Christine


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