Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Does he know something I dont?

Lion has again displayed his complete disregard for the original lyrics of songs (here too)... We are heading into our 4th or 5th week of sickness around here. I had it for about 3 weeks, just felt like I was over it after chest xrays, antibiotics, the whole shebang and Dragon got sick, Dragon got bad enough over the weekend (wedding weekend of course) that I had to take him to the doctor to get something to fix his eye that got yuck because he kept rubbing snot in it. we ended up getting some antibiotics for the snot too because there's not much point fixing the eye for him to rub more snot through it :) and I couldnt just get anything over the counter because he isnt quite 2 yet (yes I did feel like telling a little fib because it seems so silly when he is 1 and 10.5 months but I couldnt). Then last night Lion had a raging temp. I can only remember 3 other times my kids have had a temp of 40 or over so it freaks me out! I didnt sleep real well last night and today he kept licking his snot off his lip so we went out to the chemist this evening to get something for him too. On the way there "The Final Countdown" came on the radio. Lion was singing along loud and bold, "It's the final MELTDOWN" perhaps he knows where I am headed after the last few weeks... and I feel like I am getting the wog back now, that'd be right.


  1. oh - you poor thing - hope they're all feeling better soon. I always freak when my kids temp get near 40. Love his lyrics!

  2. Hope you are all better soon, especially before the big carpark sale.


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