Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Who Can Understand a Child Part 2

Lion had just pulled the plug in his bath and was sitting there watching the vortex form as the water rushed out. His pudgy little hands were tightly clenched around a toy 'Wheelie Bin' with working lid. With the intensity and stealth of a hunter he slowly moved the wheelie bin with lid open towards the forming vortex. Then... Snap! he closes the lid and lofts the dripping wheelie bin high in the air. He brings it up to his eyes and carefully raises the lid. 'Awwwh. Humphf' Disappointment shows on his cherubic face. Not to be deterred he tries again. Creeping up on his prey with the single minded focus of the predator. Snap! 'Awwwh. Humphf!' He then see me watching him in a bemused manner. 'Daddy, it just Natured.'
'It's just Natured, Daddy.' Looking at me as if I was dumb. 'It's just Natured, Daddy, it can't be caught, just like you can't catch Nature.'
-Wolf Mct

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  1. Mousie comes up with some interesting words too. Like this evening when she brought me her pjs and asked me to 'inside' them. (They were inside-out)


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